USAFPA 2021 Seminar and Banquet

We invite you to make plans and attend the 2021 USAFPA Seminar and Banquet. This years event will be hosted at the Radisson Hotel Louisville North, and you can reserve your room with group code USAFPA. Our seminar will start around 10am EST and the banquet will start at 6pm EST. This year will include such notable names as USAFPA Coach Mark Shultz, and meet Pankration Legends Keith Hackney and Sheldon Marr. This year will feature special recognition for Team USA, and will be an event you will not want to miss. Complete schedule and details will be posted here soon so keep watching for updates. Register Early to reserve your spot, by calling or visiting our web site and filling out our Contact Page.

To book your hotel stay, please call 812-283-4411 and use code USAFPA

If you are looking for options during the event weekend, the event location of Clarksville, IN, offers many options for families and individuals. Clarksville, which bills itself as the “Oldest American Town in the Northwest Territory”, has many restaurants and the Falls of the Ohio Center. With just a short drive over to Louisville, Kentucky you can visit Louisville Slugger Museum or 4th Street Live for some local late night entertainment.

Team USA 2000 – Lamia, Greece

1st Official Pankration World Championships
Lamia, Greece

November 11-12, 2000

NameDivisionWeight (Kilos)Place
Travis PhippenMen Individual64Gold
Randy LassiterMen Individual70Silver
Dean LassiterMen Individual77Gold
Shonie CarterMen Individual85DNP
Daniel CamposMen Individual95Silver
Justin EllisonMen Individual115Gold
Craig Pumphrey Men Individual OpenBronze
Sarah Schneider-ChanceWomen Individual60Gold
Catalina ChavezWomen60Silver
Anthony Rueda17yr YouthN.A.Gold
Jesse LassiterYouth ExibitionN.A.Gold
Sarah Schneider-ChanceWomen Fight TeamOpenSilver
Catalina ChavezWomen Fight TeamOpenSilver
Claudia SchlesingerWomen Fight TeamOpenSilver
Craig PumphreyMen Fight TeamOpenGold
Brian Burns  Men Fight TeamOpenGold
Justin EllisonMen Fight TeamOpenGold
Keith HackneyCoach
Sheldon MarrCoach
Mark SchultzCoach

Link to the Black Belt Article

USAFPA 2001 Hall of Fame Inductees

Bernola, Steven 

Bruckman, Phillip B. 

Cleaver, Tommy E. 

Counterman, Cody 

Coverstone, Jan 

Cummings, Jack 

Darby, Jenny

Darby Sr, John 

De Lbuono, Tim 

Finamore, Paul Vincent 

Fryer, Dale E. 

Hinsch, Nick 

Hoa Viola-Vu, Dr.Michael

Jackson, Nikkitia 

Kapinus, Don 

Krisby, Mike 

Leaf, Darin S. 

Leavell, Chad 

Lloyd, Randy E. 

Mitchell, Ozzie 

Pendergrass, John 

Plonka, Robert

Qualls, Gregory “Doc” 

Rodocker- Bowersock, Kristi 

Rolle’ Sam, Corey

Rumple, Kelley 

Sasso, Frank P. 

Sharkey, John Jr. 

Shelton, Parker 

Sixel, David 

Tuten, James 

Vancamp, Bill 

Villasenor, Delfino 

Vonseelen, Nick 

Wilke, Patricia

USAFPA 2000 Hall of Fame Inductees

Mr. Robert Chamberlin Jr.
Steven A. Crawford Sr.
Master Roger Greene
Kyle Gulledge
Sonny Johnson
Dan Kennedy
Mr. Ed Kroll
Bob and Jill Leiker

Travis McEnaney
Jody and Jay Perry
Travis Phippen
James Gorden Price
Mr. Mike Saindon
Claudia Schlesinger
Master Roberto Serrano Jr.
Larry, Todd, Troy Shutt
Mrs. Christine Sims
Tim Smith
Chuck Wolfe

USAFPA 1999 Hall of Fame Inductees

Robert Brown
Steven Juszczak
Donald Mills

Brandon Blouch 
Ronald J. Zieth

George Matejovsky
Tori Matejovsky

Matt Wolski
Dennis Mahoney
Kimberly Wasiielewski
Paul Haroian

Jeff Fuller
Maria Farias

Edward Ballaron
Alma Perazic

Amir Perazic
Sheldon Marr

John V. Ryan Iii 
Ted Hines

Bob Zange
Jason Zange
Krystin King
John Manley
William Bowling
Sensei Edward Keenan
Nick Petmezas
Eric Brown
Michael Castellano
Jenni Zange – Schmidt
Nanette Acevedo
Lisa Wasielewski
Jason Sielski
Timothy Jay Studer
Joshua Garret
Mitchel Saret
Andera Adams
Retha L. Ware
Pearl Brooks
Brizelle Jackson
Steven Humpfry
Steven “Karl” Ivory
Master Alex Dunlap, Jr.
Jody Perry
Neil Stolsmark, Renshi
Master Peggy J. Mitchell
Sensei Rick E. Cesario
John Paskiewicz
Craig Bolyard
Aaron Bose
Tom Letuli
Freddie Letuli
Tom Saviano
John Sharkey
Ken Shamrock
Keith Hackney
Master Steven Abbate
Sifu Mike Caruso
William Del Buono Tashi
Amanda Del Buono
Kyoshi John R. Venson
Kenneth Saffold, Jr.
Sensei Christopher R. Braun
Ray Bohm
Craig A. Dombrowski, Jr.
Herbert J. Hickman, Jr.
John G. Darby, Jr.
Erik T. Darby
Sensei David Govoni
Kerri D. Cook
Brandon C. Merrill
Greg Mattson
Becky Mornar
Erick S. McEnaney
Nathan Mcclesky
(AJJ) Emmanuel Boyd
Jimmy Quinn
Master Bob Lambert
Master Anthony Howard
Lorne Britt-Edge

Black Belt 10 – John Townsley

With a heavy heart in 2018 the USAFPA lost our dear friend, John Townsley. He was the founding leader of the organization, and we strive to continue the work he started in 1998 by starting this organization and representing the USA on the World Pankration Council.