The USAFPA is the governing organization for Pankration in the USA, join us and help promote the original Mixed Martial Art.

Join Team USA Pankration

Pankration in the USA is one of the fastest growing Martial Arts in modern times. Keeping a historical heritage, but helping modern athletes, Pankration is the preferred training for competition and self defense. Participate in National and International competition under the USAFPA, and join Team USA!


World Pangration Athlima Federation

The World Pangration Athlima Federation (W.P.A.F.), established in 2002, governs hundreds of other international, national and local organizations which provide training and encourage the perpetuation of this ancient sport of Pangration. WPAF


United States Federation of Pankration Athlima

The United States Federation of Pankration Athlima was established in 1998 to help promote the sport and governance of Pankration in the United States. The USAFPA has participated in World Championship Pankration since the first World Championship in 2000. USAFPA

USAFPA Pankration Black Belt

Earning a Pankration Black Belt is a prestigious honor that requires persistence and dedication. The USAFPA can help you with this journey and even help your gym start a Pankration program. For details, reach out to us today and a representative will provide you with all the information needed to become one of the USAFPA recognized Pankration Black Belts.

USAFPA Certified Referee

Do you enjoy being as close as possible to the competition?  The USAFPA is looking for qualified individuals to be a Certified Referee for our competitions.  Contact the USAFPA office today for information on how you can support our Pankration Athletes by helping us run successful competitions.